History Class

My history class this year is really fun because we don’t do anything except talk about current events, which is actually interesting, and watch movies. My teacher is Mr. Johnson and he is really nice and we always have a good class period. I like US history because its not boring to me, as it applies to us and not China, as opposed to last year. Mr. Johnson used to play and coach football professionally and I find that extremely interesting. I’m also in sports medicine this year with Mr. Kols and were learning about concussion and brain problems that result in permanent damage from long football careers. I’m really interested in injuries, as I am an athlete who is often injured (maybe I’ll make a blog about that) Sometimes when I call his name now and he doesn’t reply I just say its okay because he could have permanent brain damage from all those years of playing football.


A New Year.

Here we go again, a new year. The struggle begins with every homework assignment, and every morning I struggle to get out of bed, and I long for summer to start again… I miss the warm nights and the hot days, going to the beach with friends and dreading what is now the reality… SCHOOL! The first day was fun, and so was the first week, but then it becomes a nightmare; BUT this year I have a goal. I want it to be a fun year where I keep a positive attitude toward everything that happens, and then enjoy my weekends. Work hard play harder! I also want to try to keep my GPA up so i can get into a good school, and maybe even play soccer at the collegeate level. These goals by the end of the year will be fulfilled. I’m exited to see what Mr. Theriault’s class will be like this year my friends say that he’s a good teacher.