Response: To thrive in highschool and college

1) I think it would be helpful to include more examples of students who took the necessary steps possible to succeed in high school and transition into college. For me at least, it gives me a lot of hope knowing that there are examples of people under stress, “in prison” as it was stated, who think they can’t get through it because there just aren’t enough hours in the day and it’s simply too difficult.

2) I could contribute to this post in a way that adds work ethic. I don’t always choose to work hard, but when I do I poor everything into it and am very passionate about it.

3) Resource to thrive:  The school of Life: How to thrive in the Digital Age


Ending the semester strong!

This semester I have learned not to wait to the last minute to do things because I know I am very busy but procrastinating won’t help. In 2014 I learned a lot about school and myself. I realized that I am a very on/off type of person. When I’m at school or working or playing soccer I am energetic but the second I stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m asleep. Goals that I have for 2015 are to be that much more on top of things and try to do things in advance rather than late, or at the very least on time. Not only do I have to cram now and get everything done and a few of my grades up, I have to prioritize to prevent this from happening again. To be honest it probably wont happen, but I’m going to set high standards and say that it is. For this class next semester I’m setting a goal to submit my weekly blog posts on Wednesday so that I don’t have to worry about it toward the end of the week or cramming at the end of the semester to do 10 blog posts, expecting a miraculous turn around in my grade. I’m promising myself right now, in writing, that next semester I’m planning on maintaining a A or B in this class throughout the semester and finishing with a solid A. I know that can do it if I just stay on top of everything and  use my time wisely.