My Soccer Life

I am a club soccer player for Wolfpack soccer club and I’m on the FVHS varsity soccer team. Soccer takes up most of my life, but I love it. Sometimes it can be a lot to handle and difficult to manage my time, but I try to use my time wisely and not get sucked into distractions like friends or my biggest issue, my cell phone. I couldn’t imagine life without soccer. When we get breaks during the summer or winter break, for even just a week, I miss it like crazy. I’ve always been that player that has to prove myself to the coach and work very hard for my starting position. I went into high school soccer this year as a first year varsity player, expecting very little to no playtime. I got some minutes in pre-season and worked my way into the starting left back position by the time season came around. I was so happy and loving every bit of high school soccer. All of the sudden, one game I didn’t start, our backup goalie did, as a field player. I was so confused and frustrated. I barely got any minutes. I talked to my coach and asked him what I was doing wrong, if anything and what I could do to get my starting position back. He said it wasn’t me or anything I did wrong, we were just experimenting with players in different positions. However, that was the only change made, so I wasn’t really buying it. I later found out that it was due to a parent complaint about play time which is very frustrating. I kept working and fighting and just this last Monday at our game I played outside back the whole second half and did well. I learned a lot from this and I realize that I need to keep my head up and battle because hard work does show results.


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