Fondest Childhood Memory

When I was a child I had many exciting memories. I visited all the islands in Hawaii in the first ten years of my life, and my family and neighbors would have block parties every Saturday until I was about 10 and some of my neighbors moved away. My mom always tells a story about how when I was three I got out of my bed and got a chair from the kitchen to open the top lock of our front door and got my big wheel tricycle and rode around the street. My mom woke up on early morning to a crib with no baby and an open front door, only to find me riding around the side walk on my big wheel. I only vaguely remember this but it seemed like it was fun and very much something I would do. My family always took many trips and vacations as I was growing up which made great childhood memories as well as develop close relationships with my parents and my sister. One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?” by Sarah Addison Allen, a writer who wrote the Lost Lake. There are times in my life when school, soccer, or work gets hard or stressful. Its these times where I wish that I could blow up my childhood trips to Hawaii into a bubble and live in it now and forever.


My Pets

I have two pets, a cat and a dog. My cat’s name is Quincy and he is half long haired main coone and half bobcat, I know, weird. He is grey and has several black and white markings on him. I remember when we got Quincy, we went to PetCo and walked around the kitten adoption for  while before we passed this cage with a blanket over it, so nobody could see him. My sister lifted it up and waved my mom and I over to look at it. Before we could even get a good look at him, a worker came over and put the blanket back down and said “Oh, you don’t want that one.” He was very quick to dismiss him. My mom asked why and he told her it was because they were looking for a unique environment for this ferrel kitten, as he was found in the Bolsa Chica wetlands. He said that he felt the kitten needed to be adopted by an older person that would be able to focus all of their time on him. My mom told him that he was wrong and there was no better thing for this cat than two little kids that will crawl under the bed to get him out and play with him. Also, my sister and I weren’t that young, she was 11 and I was 9. Both mature enough to handle a kitten and be smart with him. We got him and named him Quincy and he’s been the best cat ever!

I also have a yellow lab named RVCA, named after the surf brand. My family was driving down to a soccer tournament in Chino Hills when we saw a guy on the side of the road with a box of puppies. We didn’t stop on the way to our game but we did after. There was a box with about 8 puppies in it and a man that spoke very little English. The father of the puppies was there too, resting his head on the bumper of the mans truck taking a nap. He looked like a very relaxed and good dog. My sister and I were holding all of them, thinking there was no way my mom would go for this. Little did we know, we would soon be driving home with our $240 RVCA whom we picked from the box on the side of the road. She just turned 3 and she is the most loving dog in the world.