My soccer career and future

I haven’t decided if I  want to play soccer in college or not but I would like to if possible. When I was going through my years of improvement, I think I was held back a little during my prime years of development because my club teams kept falling apart in my prime years of development. I feel as if I was set back from my full potential because throughout my crucial learning moments I was on teams that fell apart. I am currently on what I would call my strongest team right now, however, it is my last year on this team because I am playing up and the majority of the girls are graduating this year. I want to play soccer in college but I think I am going to attend a junior college for two years and then transfer to a UC. My dream school is UCLA because I’ve been a bruin my whole life and my mom went there. I want to play at OCC and UCLA and become a athletic trainer for the football team. I have played soccer since I was about four, starting with indoor and transitioning  into AYSO, all-stars, and club. As exhausting and dreadful it can be times, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I plan to play soccer for as long as I possibly can.


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