My Soccer Life

I am a club soccer player for Wolfpack soccer club and I’m on the FVHS varsity soccer team. Soccer takes up most of my life, but I love it. Sometimes it can be a lot to handle and difficult to manage my time, but I try to use my time wisely and not get sucked into distractions like friends or my biggest issue, my cell phone. I couldn’t imagine life without soccer. When we get breaks during the summer or winter break, for even just a week, I miss it like crazy. I’ve always been that player that has to prove myself to the coach and work very hard for my starting position. I went into high school soccer this year as a first year varsity player, expecting very little to no playtime. I got some minutes in pre-season and worked my way into the starting left back position by the time season came around. I was so happy and loving every bit of high school soccer. All of the sudden, one game I didn’t start, our backup goalie did, as a field player. I was so confused and frustrated. I barely got any minutes. I talked to my coach and asked him what I was doing wrong, if anything and what I could do to get my starting position back. He said it wasn’t me or anything I did wrong, we were just experimenting with players in different positions. However, that was the only change made, so I wasn’t really buying it. I later found out that it was due to a parent complaint about play time which is very frustrating. I kept working and fighting and just this last Monday at our game I played outside back the whole second half and did well. I learned a lot from this and I realize that I need to keep my head up and battle because hard work does show results.


My Weekend

This last weekend, on Saturday, I went on a boat ride with my cousin Kyle and my two friends, Leigha and Rachel. My cousin had never taken my boat out before, but it hadn’t been run in a while, so we decided to give it a shot. We drove to Newport Dunes, where we keep the boat, and began to uncover it and hook it up to the trailer. We towed it over to the launch ramp and put it in the water. We went put the trailer back in the parking stall and went out in the bay. After about an hour bay ride we turned around to go back to the launch ramp because  I had work and Rachel had babysitting. All of the sudden.. Kyle turns the boat off and ties it to the dock to go get the trailer again and the boat doesn’t restart to put it on the trailer. In order to get the boat back on the trailer properly, we’re supposed to drive it on the trailer, giving it gas, and we couldn’t because it didn’t start. Rachel, Leigha, and I each grabbed a rope and looped it over a cleat and tried to walk it on the trailer. We had no hopes of that working, but little did we know, it did! We got it safely on the trailer and I made it to work only a few minutes late and Rachel made it to babysitting. Saturday had a few bumps, but ended up being a really fun day! Whats a good day without a few problems every here and there, right?

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Response: To thrive in highschool and college

1) I think it would be helpful to include more examples of students who took the necessary steps possible to succeed in high school and transition into college. For me at least, it gives me a lot of hope knowing that there are examples of people under stress, “in prison” as it was stated, who think they can’t get through it because there just aren’t enough hours in the day and it’s simply too difficult.

2) I could contribute to this post in a way that adds work ethic. I don’t always choose to work hard, but when I do I poor everything into it and am very passionate about it.

3) Resource to thrive:  The school of Life: How to thrive in the Digital Age

Ending the semester strong!

This semester I have learned not to wait to the last minute to do things because I know I am very busy but procrastinating won’t help. In 2014 I learned a lot about school and myself. I realized that I am a very on/off type of person. When I’m at school or working or playing soccer I am energetic but the second I stop doing whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m asleep. Goals that I have for 2015 are to be that much more on top of things and try to do things in advance rather than late, or at the very least on time. Not only do I have to cram now and get everything done and a few of my grades up, I have to prioritize to prevent this from happening again. To be honest it probably wont happen, but I’m going to set high standards and say that it is. For this class next semester I’m setting a goal to submit my weekly blog posts on Wednesday so that I don’t have to worry about it toward the end of the week or cramming at the end of the semester to do 10 blog posts, expecting a miraculous turn around in my grade. I’m promising myself right now, in writing, that next semester I’m planning on maintaining a A or B in this class throughout the semester and finishing with a solid A. I know that can do it if I just stay on top of everything and  use my time wisely.

Essential Question Project

Essential Question : Why is it okay for women in that era to overwork themselves during pregnancy?

I feel like pregnancy in the Good Earth is highly under valued and the workers should not be forced or feel obligated to work equally as hard as they do when they are not pregnant. O-lan was pregnant with her first child and she worked all the way up until her pregnancy and the same day she gave birth to her baby. Wang Lung also found that during O-lan’s pregnancy she was a disturbance and that the baby hindered her work in the field. I don’t think that O-lan was given enough credit for the work and hours that she put in during her pregnancy. Not that I know from experience, but it cannot be easy to work in the field, harvesting, and bending over with a baby inside of her. Not to mention the fact that it takes energy, hard work, and dedication to work in the field in hot weather and tough working conditions. The baby had to have taken nutrients and energy out of her that just drained her. I feel like O-lan began to believe that she was a nuisance in the field and felt obligated to work harder than she already was, given the fact that she was pregnant. When in fact she should have pride in her baby and pregnancy is just the beginning of the nurturing love and affection she will provide for her  baby. There was also only a limited supply of food then, and the harder she worked, the more food she would have to eat to maintain enough energy to withstand the conditions of the work she was putting in. She was working so hard and the baby took her energy, therefore she was basically eating for two.

On the contrary, I feel like today, pregnancy is over valued and we tend to think of pregnant women almost as handicapped. Pregnant women should not feel like they are a disturbance to others and need help. These women like to do there own things and function just as a “normal” person would. They still are normal, they’re just normal but with another human being developing. Yes, they have certain limitations and cannot consume alcohol at all during their pregnancy as it is bad for the baby. Being pregnant is not a physical disability and should not be seen like that under any circumstances. People always say “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing” yet, the often act as if it is hindering their daily life. In most cases, the women had a say in being pregnant and tried to get pregnant. I’m sure all women don’t love all the side affects of pregnancy and the cramps and pains the endure over the course of their pregnancy. In the long run most mothers are extremely happy with the turn out of their child and love entering the life of a mother. Motherhood is usually a very big thing for most women, especially when their first child enters the world. I feel like pregnant women should be nurtured and cared for the same way that they are when they are not pregnant and no less. Occasionally women during pregnancy need help in some ways and ask for favors but otherwise they are just as self sufficient and useful as they were before the got pregnant. Today women that are pregnant rarely work and spend a lot of time sitting around and not doing anything. I believe that it is probably tiring to walk around carrying an extra 6 or so pounds and it can get very exhausting, very fast.

In the Good Earth, O-Lan, or any pregnant women, have much less of a food supply than we do, here, today. Most women say during pregnancy that they are “eating for two.”  Because there was limited food supply at the time in the Good Earth, I cannot see the logic behind having pregnant women working, voluntary or not. People know that will just lead to more food consumption as the baby is taking nutrients from its mom. If anything it is more reasonable to have pregnant women work in today’s society because we have the thriving food economy that can maintain the metabolism of a pregnant women.

History Class

My history class this year is really fun because we don’t do anything except talk about current events, which is actually interesting, and watch movies. My teacher is Mr. Johnson and he is really nice and we always have a good class period. I like US history because its not boring to me, as it applies to us and not China, as opposed to last year. Mr. Johnson used to play and coach football professionally and I find that extremely interesting. I’m also in sports medicine this year with Mr. Kols and were learning about concussion and brain problems that result in permanent damage from long football careers. I’m really interested in injuries, as I am an athlete who is often injured (maybe I’ll make a blog about that) Sometimes when I call his name now and he doesn’t reply I just say its okay because he could have permanent brain damage from all those years of playing football.

A New Year.

Here we go again, a new year. The struggle begins with every homework assignment, and every morning I struggle to get out of bed, and I long for summer to start again… I miss the warm nights and the hot days, going to the beach with friends and dreading what is now the reality… SCHOOL! The first day was fun, and so was the first week, but then it becomes a nightmare; BUT this year I have a goal. I want it to be a fun year where I keep a positive attitude toward everything that happens, and then enjoy my weekends. Work hard play harder! I also want to try to keep my GPA up so i can get into a good school, and maybe even play soccer at the collegeate level. These goals by the end of the year will be fulfilled. I’m exited to see what Mr. Theriault’s class will be like this year my friends say that he’s a good teacher.